In 2013 I had an idea to start a blog where I recreated and reviewed recipes from cooking shows. I wanted to see if everything was as easy and tasty as the shows made it seem. So why are you reading this now and not 2013? To be honest, I didn’t hold myself accountable and it seemed too daunting to tackle on my own. I didn’t have all the skills needed to run a successful blog and I was too overwhelmed to learn. Recently, I was feeling stuck. I had a degree in English with a concentration in journalism that was both literally and figuratively sitting on the shelf doing nothing. I needed some creativity in my life. I mean, I NEEDED it.

My husband Brandon is a graphic designer who works in marketing and runs his own ecommerce business. He built his own website, he’s artsy, so I pitched him my idea for the blog. He thought it sounded promising, so he offered to help me. In July of 2018, we bought the domain for TV Test Kitchen. It sat there. I knew I could do the blogging, and Brandon could run the site, but we thought the posts needed a video component. Enter my super awesome, super talented friend Leanna. She is a media goddess, but her kitchen skills are nonexistent. Actually, that’s not totally fair. The gal can make a break-and-bake cookie like no other.

At long last, TV Test Kitchen is ready to launch! We are working to produce new content for January 2019, so bookmark this site and follow us on social media (links in the header & footer).

About The Author

To say I am obsessed with food television would be an understatement. As cliche as it sounds, I really am the number one fan. I liked food tv before Food Network existed. I used to watch infomercials for rotisserie ovens and pasta makers. I still hold a grudge against my mother for not buying me that dehydrator. I was an eight year old with a passion. Oddly, I was the pickiest eater back then. I’m talking buttered noodles, chicken nuggets kind of picky. When I started watching real cooking shows, I began to get more adventurous and learned valuable cooking skills. Now, as a 36 year old adult, I’ll try almost anything at a restaurant. I credit my love of food and cooking to my chef friends on tv. We still spend weekends together.

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