WE ARE BACK! Leanna’s computer was on life support for a few weeks, so TVTK was shutdown. Not to worry, the warranty covered the repairs and she is back to editing. We have a robust schedule of awesome content coming your way. Now, if you’ve been waiting for Part Two of Galentine’s Brunch to exhale, you finally can.

Aside from giving me multiple catch phrases and hours of enjoyment, the series Parks & Recreation has given me two of my favorite holidays: Treat Yo Self and Galentine’s Day. Leanna is the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope, so we decided to invite some of our gal pals over for a girl powered brunch, TV Test Kitchen style. It was so magical, that we couldn’t fit all of it into one episode. This is Part Two: Uteruses Before Duderuses. Be sure to check out Part One: Ovaries Before Brovaries.

Even though neither of us enjoys country music, we both like Trisha Yearwood’s show on the Food Network. Season 13, Episode 7 features several brunch dishes that are easily customizable, a must when hosting a crowd of opinionated women. Part Two includes Cornmeal Pancakes and Glazed Black Pepper Bacon.


All of the dishes were so simple and easy to make with our friends. If you have a large island like I do, you’d have no problem doing an interactive cooking brunch like we so effortlessly demonstrated. I prepped the ingredients for all four recipes (remember this is part 2!) in less than 45 minutes. Honestly, the most difficult part of the pancake recipe was remembering to take the butter out of the fridge to soften. It was your standard mix and pour pancake recipe. We used my cast iron griddle, so the first few cakes were, um, unique.


The recipes served four hungry women and my husband for a moderate price. If you want to entertain but are on a budget, brunch is definitely the way to go. Eggs are super cheap all year long. Depending on the season, fruit can be pricey, but the other ingredients for pancakes and bacon are well within even the tightest budget. I would really like to give you a breakdown of the price per serving, but every single time, there is a snag. I was all set to do it this time, except the kiwi were sold in a big container, not individually, and I just didn’t feel like doing the math. Trust me, this was cheap!


As seen in the Ease section, this was your standard mix and pour pancake batter, but there was a delicious twist. The addition of the cornmeal make this taste like a Johnnycake. Just a little different than regular, old pancakes. What makes them even better is the fresh fruit compound butter. We used raspberries, just like Trisha. It was tangy creamy counterpoint to the sweet and savory cornmeal cakes. As for the bacon, have you ever encountered a recipe for/with bacon that wasn’t good? I didn’t think so.


Galentine's Brunch: Part Two
  • The Raspberry Butter
  • So Easy
  • The First Few Pancakes
  • No Mouse Rat Reunion
  • Where is April?
9.5E.A.T. Scale

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