Damaris Phillips won season nine of Food Network Star, a reality competition that awards the winner with his/her own cooking show. That show was Southern at Heart, but it ended after five seasons. Then, Damaris teamed up with Food Network mega-star Bobby Flay for the Bobby and Damaris Show. That show ended after one season, but I liked it so much that I make a point of recording reruns of the 13 episodes. This recipe for dark chocolate oatmeal comes from episode nine.  Don’t judge me.

January is time to take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and question how your youth has slipped away so quickly, leaving you tired and carrying extra weight around the midsection. Like millions of other people, Leanna and I both want to clean up our diets a little. I’m actually finishing week two of the Whole30 as I type this (this recipe is SO not compliant. We filmed this episode before I started). Looking at the ingredient photos has me feeling a certain type of way, so I’m sipping on some tea and slaying my Sugar Dragon. Leanna, a frequent Wawa customer, wants to start eating food from whole food sources aka not a Gobbler.


It doesn’t get any easier than this recipe. It took just as much effort as ripping open a packet of instant oatmeal, and the results were far superior. Actually, we thought the recipe was so easy that it made making the video a little bland. There wasn’t a castrated rooster or Hollywood cast to discuss this time- just oats and stirring. While it might not make for interesting TV, the ease of Damaris’ recipe is just what you need when you’re blurry-eyed in the morning trying not to stop at Starbucks AGAIN for their overpriced and underwhelming oatmeal.


Walnuts and dried cherries can be pricey, but everything else is pretty affordable. Water is practically free, right? If you’re shopping at Aldi or Trader Joe’s, you could get the ingredients for this recipe for a song. As Leanna pointed out, once you buy the stuff, it should keep in your pantry for awhile. You can keep making this tasty oatmeal over and over and over again. You’ll probably get bored of it before you run out of the ingredients, so make the small investment upfront.


I thought the taste was surprisingly good.  It felt like I was eating dessert, which always gets top marks from me. So many times oatmeal flavors are fruity or maple-y, so it was a nice to have a richer, more sumptuous option. Have you ever really tried a chocolate thing you didn’t like, though? If you’re one of those “I don’t like chocolate” people, just move along. We do believe there are ways to make this dark chocolate oatmeal even tastier. I prefer the amber notes of honey with the chocolate,  but I think you could swap in agave pretty easily. It tends to be sweeter, so scale back on the initial amount and adjust as needed. Another easy swap would milk for water. Take your pick of cow, almond, coconut, or whatever. Be uber meta and use oat milk. Oats on oats. Totes magotes.

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Dark Chocolate Oatmeal
  • Easily customizable
  • So easy, it was almost boring
  • Nuts and dried cherries can be pricey
  • We wanted more!
  • The Bobby & Damaris Show was canceled 🙁
9.4E.A.T. Scale

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